Polyurethane Thermal Foam Insulation Steel Pipes

The pre insulated steel pipe consist of the steel carrier pipe, polyurethane foam insulation layer and hdpe outer jacket layer used on the underground chilled and hot water service pipe for district heating and cooling system. our pre insulated steel pipe also can be designed with alarm line for underground water detection.

Medium temperature: 50°C—140°C

Operating pressure: <1.6Mpa

Laid way: Buried, overhead, trench

Derusting grade of the steel tube: GB/T9823-1988, Sa2.5

Insulation material: Fluoride-Free water foamed rigid polyurethane foam material (foam density: 60kg/m3-80kg/m3

Inner surface treatment of the high density polyethylene pipe:corona treatment

Inner surface tension of the high density polyethylene pipe:≥50dy/cm.

Color: Back ,Yellow or any color you request

Lifespan: 30-50years

Technics: 1.Advanced Corona treatment 2.Impeller blasting 3.Leakage alarm line

Laying method: 1.direct bury 2.built on stilts 3.trench

Usage: 1.urban centralized heat supply 2.warm room 3.coal mine 4.Petroleum 5.chemical and other anti-corrosion insulation field

Steel carrier pipe specifications

DN≤150 20#seamless steel pipe with GB/T8163 standard
DN≥200 Q235B spiral welded carbon steel pipe with GB/T9711 standard
steel standard API. ASTM. DIN. GB, any standard as customer's request

insulation polyurethane foam specifications

Density CJ/T114-4.3.2 kg/m³ ≥60
Average pore size CJ/T114-4.3.1 mm ≤0.5
Percentage of close area CJ/T114-4.3.1 % ≥88
Compressive strength CJ/T114-4.3.3 MPa ≥0.3
Water absorption CJ/T114-4.3.4 % immersion in boiling water 90 minutes, bubble water absorption should be not more than 10%
coefficient of thermal conductivity before aging CJ/T114-4.3.5 W(m.k) ≤0.033
Cavity CJ/T114-4.3.1   ≤1/3the thickness of insulation layer

 hdpe jacket specifications

Density CJ/T114- kg/m³ ≥940
Elongation at braek CJ/T114- % ≥350
Tensile yield strength CJ/T114- Mpa ≥19
Longitudinal shrinkage rate CJ/T114- % ≤3
Long term Mechanical properties CJ/T114- 80℃4.0MPa >1500hfree from damage
The difference of the melt flow rate CJ/T114- g/10min ≤0.5

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