stainless/carbon Flange

Flanges are parts that are connected to each other between pipes. The flanges have holes, and the bolts make the two flanges close. Gasket between flanges. Flanges include threaded connection flange, welding flange and clamp flange Flanges are used in pairs. Wire flanges can be used for low pressure piping and welded flanges can be used for pressure above 4 kg. Place a gasket between the two flanges and bolt them down Flange thickness of different pressure is different, they use different bolts. Pumps and valves, when connected to the pipe, the parts of these equipment are also made into the corresponding flange shape, also known as the flange connection.


1.Carbon steel:ASTM A105. ASTM A350 LF1. LF2, CL1/CL2, A234, S235JRG2, P245GH  P250GH, P280GHM 16MN, 20MN ,20#

2.Stainless steel: ASTM A182, F304/304L, F316/316L

3.Alloy steel: ASTM A182 A182 F12,F11,F22,F5,F9,F91etc.


1.Welding neck Flange   2.Slip on

3.Blind flange                 4.Long welding neck flange

5.Lap joint flange           6.Socket welding

7.Threaded flange          8.Flat flange

junction surface:FF,RF,RJ,MF,TG

Surface: Anti-rust oil, clear lacquer, Black lacquer, Yellow lacquer, hot-dipped Galvanized, electrical galvanized

Connection: Welding, Threaded

Technical: Forged, Casting

Size: DN10-DN3600

Coating: Shining Black Paint,Rust-proof oil,Galvanized

Package: 1.>Standard export packaging (Plywood Case Of Outside,Plastic Cloth Of Inside). 2:As Customers' Requirements

Certificate: ISO9001

 Heat Treatment: Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching+Tempering

Applications: Water works, Shipbuilding industry, Petrochemical & Gas industry, Power industry, Valve industry,and general pipes connecting
projects etc.

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